Consultation Services

Accident Prevention

While not all accidents are preventable, we feel that most can be prevented. Our goal is to help companies create and maintain safer work environments for all employees. Our services move beyond simply helping prevent accidents; they help you develop safe, high-quality work environments that boost your members' knowledge and awareness of safety issues and best practices, allowing you to maintain quality and profitability for your business.

Construction and general industry companies can rely on the highly experienced OSHA safety professionals at Hazardous Prevention Training to provide exceptional occupational safety and health management services.

Extensive Safety Consulting

No matter what stage your safety program is in, Hazardous Prevention Training is your safety partner. We can ensure your program meets and exceeds OSHA regulations while providing you with immediate support should OSHA ever audit you.

Our safety consulting provides:

  • A comprehensive service that meets all of your safety needs to become a safer workplace – from safety training to safety program development.

  • Qualified OSHA safety professionals who are deeply committed to service quality and who will travel to your site to ensure first-hand you receive effective services tailored to the intricacies of your business.

Safety and Health Services and Training

Our consultants are not only trained to recognize workplace safety and health hazards, but also can offer expertise in improving the efficiency of your workplace


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